Luxury Lighting Direct

LLD is characterized by originality, quality, convenience and a devotion to inspire ones inner sense of design through lighting.  What was once exclusive is now made exclusively for you.

LLD was founded by Ryan Fisher in New York in 2012 due to a dissatisfaction in what the decorative lighting industry had to offer; lighting fixtures with recycled designs, deflated value and an inconvenient path to purchase.

Realizing the very definition of “value” has changed with current trends and technologies that now includes the following attributes:  Design, Quality, Brand Awareness, Price, Engagement, Convenience and Social Awareness, LLD began its journey.

LLD set out to bridge the gap between manufacturer, consumer and design professional by offering exciting, unique and originally designed lighting fixtures with high value directly to consumers and design professionals.  This is achieved by: curating the most innovative boutique lighting designers and brands from around the world in collaboration with its very own private line.  By leveraging technology to bring you as close as possible to the product designers and brands, LLD is able to condense the industry value chain offering products at the highest value.