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Luxury Lighting Direct's Customer Support Team Wants To Hear From You!

    •    Pre-purchase questions about products, design, layout, installation, quantity and custom fixture quotes

    •    Post-purchase questions & issues about products, layout, installation, shipping issues, product damage, returns

Note*Some of our fixtures may be on backorder and still be available for purchase. We do this so if you really love that fixture we can put in your order to reserve the fixture on the soonest shipment.

We do notify you within 1 Business Day with the status of your order and also with shipping estimates. According to the fixture we my also offer alternatives (size, close matches, etc).

 There are many ways to contact us including:

  • Our Contact Form below (24/7)
  • Email us: (24/7)
  • Call us (Monday -Friday: 9am-5pm EST): (888) 959-3148
  • Live Chat (Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm EST)